Curriculum Vitae is Latin for “course of (one’s) life.”  During the course of my life, I’ve taken the time to write. This page lists some of those times.

Communicating Uncertainty in #Wargaming Outcomes – The Strategy Bridge

Reviewing Tribe by S. Junger – The Strategy Bridge

Feedback Sandwich – thoughts on how and why to develop the skill of feedback in young leaders

I Wear a Mask and Fly – a test pilot’s thoughts for a seven year old

Self-study is Not Enough – thoughts on self-directed professional development in the art of war

Other thoughts on writing

We All Start with The Same Sheet of Paper

Reviewing No Place to Hide by L. Warren – The Strategy Bridge

Book Review: “Pursuit of Power: NASA’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory” – Air and Space Power Journal.

Editor – Flight Test News, Society of Flight Test Engineers

Member – Military Writers Guild

The Future of Avionics (Military and Civilian) 2012-2020: Market and Technologies Outlook – Market Info Group

“Analytical Tools of Mathematics and Statistics — Small Steps to Innovation,” International Test and Evaluation Journal, June 2011. http://www.itea.org/learn/19-learn/206-itea-publications-2.html

“Safety Planning for C-17 Airdrop Testing,” Flight Test Safety Conference, May 2010; Edwards Air Force Base, Air Force Flight Test Center PA No. 10150.

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