Curriculum Vitae is Latin for “course of (one’s) life.”  During the course of my life, I’ve taken the time to write. This page lists some of those times.

Book Review: The Propeller under the Bed – General Aviation News

Communicating Uncertainty in #Wargaming Outcomes – The Strategy Bridge

Book Review: Initial Airworthiness by Guy Gratton – SETP Cockpit (January – June 2016): 138-139.

Reviewing Tribe by S. Junger – The Strategy Bridge

Feedback Sandwich – thoughts on how and why to develop the skill of feedback in young leaders

I Wear a Mask and Fly – a test pilot’s thoughts for a seven year old

Self-study is Not Enough – thoughts on self-directed professional development in the art of war

Other thoughts on writing

We All Start with The Same Sheet of Paper

Reviewing No Place to Hide by L. Warren – The Strategy Bridge

Book Review: “Pursuit of Power: NASA’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory” – Air and Space Power Journal.

Book Review: “Initial Airworthiness” by Guy Gratton (published by both SETP and SFTE)

Thoughts on being an entrepreneur

Editor – Flight Test News, Society of Flight Test Engineers

Member – Military Writers Guild

The Future of Avionics (Military and Civilian) 2012-2020: Market and Technologies Outlook – Market Info Group

“Analytical Tools of Mathematics and Statistics — Small Steps to Innovation,” International Test and Evaluation Journal, June 2011. http://www.itea.org/learn/19-learn/206-itea-publications-2.html

“Safety Planning for C-17 Airdrop Testing,” Flight Test Safety Conference, May 2010; Edwards Air Force Base, Air Force Flight Test Center PA No. 10150.

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