The Ugly Face of Flight Test

Hi̇lal Deveci̇oğlu, a rotary wing Flight Test Engineer (FTE) for TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) sent these patches with the anecdote describing the “ugly face of flight test.”

I am sending you two of our patches from our own designed collection. For “G-monsters patch” we have a story as you can find below. Also I tried to explain the symbols on the “Flight test patch.”

We as engineers designed them ourselves without any help, so they are very precious for us.

Flight Test Patch
Our facility is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.  So we are giving a message that: “we are testing every kind of aircraft from the capital (center) city of Turkey.  And of course we always respect “orange”, the colour of flight test. This is our offical patch, and all the members of TAI Flight Test Team wear it everday, everywhere.

G-monsters Patch

In our country, we have the Turkish Aeromedical and Training Center.  This center is generally for military pilots. It provides training about vertigo, night flight, etc., and we as flight test engineers took this training also.  It was a surprise for the military guys at first, because they were not used to civilians at this training, but then they got used to it.
Classroom lessons were ok but when it came to Human Centrifuge, they started to make jokes about it.  We all know the tragicomic situations about “G-labs,” and at this training center, generally only military jet pilot are tested up to +9g.  They all started to bet about us, the flight test engineers. They were all sure about that we would pass out at the beginning of the +9g condition, because we were engineers, and they had no belief in us. There were 14 flight test engineers, and we received the training in 5 separate groups.  Of course, during the Human Centrifuge test nobody has passed out.  We were all awake and conscious until the end. At the +9g moment, the faces were so “ugly,” that we started to call that moment as “the ugly face of flight test.”  We were monsters in two ways: First of all, we were monsters because the faces were ugly, and secondly, we were monsters because nothing has happened to us though we experienced 9+g.  Now the military guys still talk about us, the monster engineers.

So, we decided to design the patch for this popular moment, and we call it “g-monsters.”


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