The Graduate School at the College of Charleston (June 2003 – December 2005)

college_of_charleston_sc_170920While I was stationed at Charleston AFB, I studied for a Master of Science degree in Mathematics at The College of Charleston. My thesis was Minimax and Statistical Decisions in the Tactical Arrival Problem, an examination of game theory and statistical decision theory applied to combat tactics of mobility aircraft in theaters like Iraq and Afghanistan. I graduated in December 2005 with honors, as the Outstanding Graduate in Mathematics.

Dr. Martin Jones was my thesis advisor and a dear friend. I frequently joked that I chose him in case the community decided to name a theorem or finding of our work after him.




Design of Experiments

Mathematical Statistics I and II

Advanced Linear Algebra

Complex Variables

Time Series

Thesis Research I and II

(I received transfer credit for course work accomplished at the University of Hawaii.)



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