The Boeing Company

Boeing is one of the industry’s leading aerospace manufacturers. Their cutting edge flight research helps to keep them there, but flight test is just a fraction of their enormous team.  The Boeing Test and Evaluation division is the organization comprised of test pilots, flight test engineers, and subject matter experts, but the depth of research, innovation, and engineering is almost unfathomable.

The following 3 examples are just a sample of what Boeing does as an aerospace leader.

1. Wind Tunnels and Ground Test Facilities

The video shows the engineers who work on the wind tunnel models described in this Boeing web link.

2. Flight Test

This video shows footage from the airborne control room in the back of an aircraft during a structures flight test to validate a production design. “A flight loads survey is often compared to a long roller coaster ride because of the sudden and dramatic ups and downs during the flight” (Boeing Public Affairs).

3. Research and Development: Phantom Works

NASA Boeing X-48
NASA Boeing X-48, a subscale blended wing body, and the Phantom Eye are just two of the projects we know about, the proverbial tip of the iceberg for Boeing Phantom Works, the R&D division of Boeing.

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