NASA Ares JDTV References and Videos

Like last week’s NASA Orion introduction, here are 4 ways to learn more about airdrop flight test and the NASA Ares JDTV program, including videos, photos, and technical papers.

1. NASA Ares TV on YouTube

2. Technical References

Airdrop Testing Techniques and Devices — AGARD Flight Test Technique Series Volume 6
Simulation of the Airdrop Loads Between Platforms and Rollers

3. WMV files on the NASA Constellation Multimedia Archive

Ares screenshot Why WMV files? I can’t see them on my Mac but you might be able to enjoy.  They have additional history and photos at the official NASA Ares program website.

4. Links to Wind Tunnel and Ground Testing: Recovery Chutes and Airdrop Test Cells
Click here or any of the photos to link to original source.



Check out youtube or pinterest for more flight test videos, or follow @FlightTestFact on Twitter for more flight test pictures, videos, or references daily.

Video exponentially improves our ability to use picture to communicate 10,000 words, and this is not only one of the fundamental ATOMs but also an elementary and critical element in the strategy to inform and invest. These are just a few of the reasons that this weekly video column exists.

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