keep learning — observations #20

Bob Buford recounts the story of his rise to success as president and owner (by age 31!) of the highly successful Buford Television, Inc., a company that grew by 25% each year for decades. What does someone who is so successful do next? What does someone who is undoubtedly busy have time to do?

In his own words:

I read everything Peter Drucker had written. I attended the American Management Association’s Presidents’ Course. I went to the Harvard Business School’s Owner/ Manager Program — a nine-week hothouse course that compressed major elements of their MBA curriculum.  (Buford, Bob P. (2011-03-08). Halftime: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance (Kindle Locations 601-603). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.)

He kept learning.

If you still have breath to learn, keep at it.

Life is a journey. And these are observations from ours.


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