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Principles of Uncertainty, by Jay Kadane

The flight test community needs to learn Bayesian methods, and here is a free text. Though I confess to not having read the book in its entirety, the generosity of the author to share it here and the following quote from the foreword deserve at least a momentary reflection. “With respect to the mathematical parts […]

Stores Certification Testing

Stores certification testing was once the domain of military flight test, but it has expanded — now search and rescue and public safety aviation are using a variety of external stores for many reasons.  Below is an example of stores testing, a ground jettison test of stores from an A-10. __________________________________________________ Check out @FlightTestFact on […]

Data Mining Book – Online

I like the idea of an online book–tablets and other mobile digital platforms can certainly leverage this format, and it’s easy for authors to produce (given today’s widely available and simple interfaces). I also like math books and free books.  This one is about data mining. Here’s a screenshot of the mindmap that serves as […]