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Stores Certification Testing

Stores certification testing was once the domain of military flight test, but it has expanded — now search and rescue and public safety aviation are using a variety of external stores for many reasons. ¬†Below is an example of stores testing, a ground jettison test of stores from an A-10. __________________________________________________ Check out @FlightTestFact on […]

Intro to Prob & Stats Using R, by G. Jay Kerns

Here is an excellent and free ebook: Introduction to Probability and Stats Using R, by G. Jay Kerns. Feel free to connect with Professor Kerns and tell him thanks on his homepage. __________________________________________________ Check out @FlightTestFact on twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ for more flight test safety references, videos, and information daily.

Time Safety Margin: A Generalized Methodology for Dive Safety Planning

Presenters: Bill Gray (AF), USAF TPS, and James E. Brown, III (F), Lockheed Martin Abstract: The Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) has historically relied upon a mixture of test team judgment, operationally-derived rules-of-thumb, and independent safety review to mitigate the risks of diving maneuvers during flight test points. Investigation following the recent loss of […]