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the right people on the bus

“Getting the right people on the bus” is a phrase made famous by Jim Collins in his examination of organizational success, Built to Last.1 But what about organizations that have no choice in who is on the bus? Military units, for example, have relatively little influence in who is a member of the unit, and […]

F-35 flight test sample size

News of the completion of the F-35 test program has been widely published. One sentence in the public release stands out: “The developmental flight test team completed 183 Weapon Separation Tests; 46 Weapons Delivery Accuracy tests.” Forty-six is certainly not a large sample, and if one considers the vast number of variations of weapons and […]

composing music

I heard an analogy for the different stages of learning and then doing “data science,” but I think the analogy applies more widely to other topics.1 One stage is like learning music theory, and this is the stage of knowledge acquisition. Another stage is like learning to play an instrument, or skill development. These two […]