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B is for Books

B is for Books. Leaders read books.  Probably lots of them.  (By “books” I mean any kind of written media–there are many kinds available these days.)  I have been listening as others share what books they read and how many books they read.  It seems like one a week is a minimum for someone who […]

A is for Attitude

A is for Attitude. John Maxwell says, “Attitude, more than aptitude, determines your altitude.” It’s a flying metaphor, which automatically makes me notice it, and in this case, I really like it. I’ve adapted his saying: “Set an attitude to achieve the desired performance.” Let me explain. A boat is designed to go through the […]

V is for Vision

V is for Vision. Why did I start with the letter V and not the letter A? Because I think Vision is the most important quality of leadership.  I also think that picturing the destination and the purpose of the trip is a fitting start point for the journey that we are taking together this […]