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Curriculum Vitae is Latin for “course of (one’s) life.”  During the course of my life, I’ve taken the time to write. This page lists some of those times. Book Review: The Propeller under the Bed – General Aviation News Communicating Uncertainty in #Wargaming Outcomes – The Strategy Bridge Reviewing Tribe by S. Junger – The […]

two kinds of writing — observations

In flight test, as in many areas of expertise, I think there are, at least, two kinds of written communication. The first is what I will call “test team comments.” There has been a place on almost every test card created for qualitative observations made by flight test crews in the heat of the moment, […]


Curriculum Vitae, or CV, is Latin for “course of (one’s) life.”  This is a beautiful word picture. This post is under construction. Writing Links to writing projects Leadership Experience Board of Trustees – Salem Baptist Church (September 2014 – present) Executive Search Committee – Salem Baptist Church (November 2015 – October 2016) Board of Directors – […]