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numbers and values — observations #24

Last week, I shared a quote from Daniel Lapin about the stories that the numbers tell here. I appreciate the wordplay and the truth of the principle he was illustrating.  There is a similar principle and duality in the words number and value, in this quote from Jack Welch, former GE CEO. Certainly, the visionary companies have […]

First flight of the Douglas XTB2D Skypirate — Airplanes by Design

13 March 1945 was the first flight of the Douglas XTB2D Skypirate. This photo shows the contra-rotating propellers. NACA Video: Stall Studies of the XTB2D ) Orthographic drawing   __________________________________________________ Airplanes by Design features photographs of aircraft from a test pilot perspective, highlighting aeronautical engineering characteristics and flight test facts. WANTED: Your pictures and videos. […]

stories or numbers? observations #23

Daniel Lapin tells a story about working for his uncle, a successful sales rep, as a young man. Upon returning from my 700-mile excursion with nary an order to show for my mileage, I began a lengthy and complicated explanation of why I had not sold any merchandise. He gently interrupted me, “Daniel, you don’t […]