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10 Flight Test YouTube Channels

Video exponentially improves our ability to use picture to communicate 10,000 words, and this is not only one of the fundamental ATOMs but also an elementary and critical element in the strategy to inform and invest. These are just a few of the reasons videos consistently make it to these posts. Flight Test on YouTube […]

How to learn — ATOMs #13-9

Madeline L’Engle describes her reading habits in Walking on Water: As a child, when I came across a word I didn’t know, I didn’t stop reading the story to look it up, I just went on reading. And after I had come across the word in several books, I knew what it meant; it had […]

First Flight FTT — ABCs of FTTs #14

This column features a brief description, photo or video, and/or reference that talks about a Flight Test Technique that students at USAF Test Pilot School are currently learning. It’s an alphabetical list of FTTs together with a chronological account of what future test pilots and flight test engineers are doing right now. It will complement […]