Archive | February, 2012

First Flight for A350 Trent XWB Engine

Airbus celebrated a major milestone, as shown in this video: the First Flight of the A350 future engine, the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB . For more on this news story, go here. Check out @FlightTestFact on Twitter for more flight test safety references, videos, and information daily. Airplanes inspire and amaze us, especially as they dance […]

Throttle Bodies and Other Engine and Propulsion Flight Test Techniques – FTT #1

Propulsion engineering and flight test truly covers the entire spectrum of flight test techniques. For example, consider these questions: Performance FTTs –¬†Does the engine perform as expected? Flying qualities FTTs – Does a spin or stall or other high angle of attack disrupt airflow into engine inlets enough to cause engine flameout or compressor stall? […]