Archive | September, 2011

Can You Change?

I think that we, as members of the aerospace enterprise–we as test pilots and engineers and analysts and scientists–we need to change. I am not suggesting disruptive change–we just need to improve how we analyze data and use it to make decisions. Seth Godin recently republished Zig Ziglar’s goal-setting system in a workbook titled Pick […]

Flight Test Evaluation of a Separate Attitude Control Surface System on Beech 89 Aircraft

The CAFE Foundation is the Center for Aircraft Flight Efficiency, dedicated to realizing improvements in general aviation aircraft and sponsored in part by NASA. One of their research areas is use of automation to increase safety. Here¬†they discuss results of research to add separate control surfaces for automated attitude control rather than integration into standard, […]

North American X-15 – Airplanes by Design

The X-15 was an early research project into materials and human factors at the edge of space. One of the lesser known facts about hypersonic vehicles, discovered in part with this research, is the need to blunt or round the leading edge because of heating. Sharp leading edges (typical of supersonic aircraft designs) are not […]