Archive | May, 2010

The ABC’s of Leadership

The letters of the alphabet, the “ABC’s” are the building blocks of some amazing content: The Bible. Podcasts. Tweets. “That’s one small step for man…” Speeches. “I have a dream…”  Conversations with friends.  “I love you.” Email.  Music.  Poetry.  Sermons.  Sweet nothings. A note from a lover.  “I do.” Eulogies. Letters and words are simple, but […]


One of the things that I love about flying is the unique perspective it brings. Have you ever looked out the window of a passenger jet as it descends and tried to pick out features of a city that you recognize? Looked for the main highway to see if the traffic is bad for your […]

Data Mining Your Calendar

Are you using your time wisely? Is the project on schedule? Why wasn’t I able to get my “to do” list finished last week? The answers to these questions are probably lying on the surface of the dirt, in plain sight, waiting for the savvy leader to pick them right up with some easy data […]