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What I Learned from Kent Julian

When Kent Julian, highly successful speaker, gives a keynote presentation, he only speaks to one person! A few months ago, I asked Kent Julian and the other speakers on the 48 Days/No More Mondays Cruise how they “measured” the lessons they learned, how they keep track, and how they integrate these into their lives. (I’ve […]


Frequency response (flight control systems) is normally accomplished when the real part of the signal is equal to zero.  Why? Probably for ease of computation. But in modern day, is that the best choice? Doesn’t our computing power give us more choices? What if the behavior, along some line in the s-plane, was more interesting […]


Multiply Leadership is technical in its roots.  I want to research and develop new technical tools, the ATOMs that I’ve discussed before.  Furthermore, I want to generate discussion about some of these tools, even before we know exactly what they are or how to apply them perfectly.  So periodically, I want to update the community […]