10 Jobs You Can Do at Any Altitude

Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the kind of things that flight test engineers and experimental test pilots do. But for whatever reason, you can’t do that job or don’t want to. If that’s the case, here are 10 closely related fields of work in aerospace.

1. Photography
photographer astronaut

2. Art
You could paint an amazing design on the world’s newest aircraft, for example. Or you could design paint that is resistant to the heat of re-entry for spacecraft.

3. Off-road Driving
NASA Photo

4. Fashion
Spacesuit design lets you create fashion that is out of this world.

5. Music
Audio engineering is a hot field in aerospace–from the way we interact with the airplane or spacecraft to the way we hear things through our headsets.

6. Cooking
We need a replacement for Tang…and airline food. Serve up a culinary masterpiece among the stars (i.e., in space).

7. Water Sports
Water survival and rescue swimming and the boats used in both are just a few examples.
NASA Photo

8. Camping
Whether you are learning or teaching, survival training is a growing field, and not just for astronauts.
NASA Photo

9. Writing
There are a hundred different ways to engage as a writer in aerospace–from tech writer to journalist and everything in between. You can write the next chapter in a story that’s stranger than fiction.

10. Fixing
Airplane mechanics work on the ground and in the air as flying crew chiefs. They are in extremely high demand.


Don’t just imagine your dreams–explore them, because we need you. The aerospace industry needs innovators. The flight test community is looking for the next Neil Armstrong, and that’s what this column is about, helping you take that next small step.

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