Where Do We Go From Here – Analytical Tools to Help Leaders Navigate Uncertainty and Risk


Are aerospace and flight test risky?

Is the ability to collect aerospace data growing very rapidly?

Is data science advancing daily?

Are we keeping up?

Are we failing ourselves and our fallen colleagues because we have not kept up? Have we–even unintentionally–left safety to chance?

It’s time to stop gambling: We can save lives and prevent more accidents, go farther-climb higher, and break more aerospace barriers, but only if we have a strategy for navigating the risk and uncertainty that comes with the deluge, the flood of information and data — models and simulations, opinions and articles, and the cold, hard data from flight test, accident reports, and FOQA.

This post announces the publication of the white paper manifesto: Where Do We Go From Here – Analytical Tools to Help Leaders Navigate Uncertainty and Risk.

This book charts a course for leaders for transforming uncertainty and risk into decisive action. The goal is to:
1. Inspire those leaders and those who would be leaders–the ones who are surrounded by scarcity of resources, time, finances, and energy–it’s time to charge.
2. Inform technical leaders who are leading the charge–of the tools they need to navigate effectively from data to decisions.
3. Invest in you, with strategy and tools to implement today, that will multiply your leadership and equip you to transform your team into energized leaders too.

Invest in Yourself
Read it–it is brief and direct. Then master it and use the analytical tools it contains to lead your team.

You can download the Where Do We Go From Here pdf free. It is also available on the Kindle.


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