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Statistics or Probability — ATOMs #14-1

Over the years, I’ve conducted an informal survey among flight test leaders using this question: How many tosses of the dice do you need to determine if it’s a fair dice? To you the reader, I pose this question: Does the answer to this question require probability or statistics? Regardless of your opinion on what […]

How to learn — ATOMs #13-9

Madeline L’Engle describes her reading habits in Walking on Water: As a child, when I came across a word I didn’t know, I didn’t stop reading the story to look it up, I just went on reading. And after I had come across the word in several books, I knew what it meant; it had […]

Who goes first? ATOMs #013-1

Robby got the game of Parcheesi for Christmas, and he loves it. We all do. When it’s time to play, how do you decide which person will be first? With a simple roll of the dice.¬†Whoever rolls the highest will go first–it’s a fair way to decide. Using dice is an example of a randomized […]