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Why is it called Rose Petal Press? I answer that question and explain the purpose of the Outliers – Who to Follow column here.

Charlie Duke probably isn’t a household name.

By the time you get to the tenth mission in a series of space missions, things start to become mundane…at least for us. The same thing was happening to the American people–by Apollo 16, they were too familiar with lunar missions.
Charlie is actually rather infamous in a non-famous sort of way–we all know how the Apollo 13 astronauts had a measles scare, because we’ve seen Tom Hanks acting out that story. Charlie was the astronaut who actually caught the measles and exposed the Apollo 13 crew to it.

You can get Charlie Duke — Moonwalker on Kindle or Google Play books.

Still can’t decide? You might enjoy reading this short excerpt of the book or my review.


You Can Be a Test Pilot is a book that does two things:

  1. It answers common questions about becoming a test pilot, but
  2. It also provides a strategy for charting a course to your dreams, for facing the unknown and making decisions, even when there is risk involved.

The book You Can Be a Test Pilot is only on Kindle. You can read an excerpt from the book here or go to the website of noted EntreLeadership expert Chris LoCurto to see a featured guest post about it.

In addition, there are also several posts with exercises or thought experiments to supplement the content of the book–these are part of Launch Your Flight Test Career and What is an FTT? columns.


This white paper manifesto is for technical leaders and provides both the inspiration and tools needed to navigate uncertainty and risk, to chart a course across the ocean of data we are drowning in.

It is written in the language of the aerospace industry, but it applies to a wider audience, though the content is more technical and requires a mathematics or engineering background.

Download Where Do We Go From Here (pdf) or get it on Kindle.