Boeing XP-15 — Airplanes by Design

30 January 1930 – First flight of the Boeing XP-15, also known as the XF-5B. For more information, visit the¬†National Museum of the Air Force,¬†Wikipedia, or this link. Initial design compromises included a larger horizontal stabilizer to compensate for the monoplane design. The @PrattandWhitney R-1340 Wasp powered the XP-15. __________________________________________________ Airplanes by Design features photographs […]

Sukhoi PAK FA T-50 — Airplanes by Design

29 January 2010 – First flight of the PAK FA T-50 Click here to see other stealth aircraft and 4 unique design characteristics. __________________________________________________ Airplanes by Design features photographs of aircraft from a test pilot perspective, highlighting aeronautical engineering characteristics and flight test facts. WANTED: Your pictures and videos. Do you have pictures of aircraft […]

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