Breaking Down Statistics — ATOMs #14-5

This post continues our compare and contrast exploration of probability and statistics in aerospace.  We’ve already explored simple examples using everyday objects, and we’ve looked at text book definitions of statistics. Now we ask the question: How often will we need to replace the brake line on a business jet? Suppose we work at an aircraft […]

use math (better) — observations #16

Many aircraft accidents are caused by high workload, a situation in which the pilot’s concentration is focused on a few things, some of which are very important, and sometimes some are not. The result is that important things may get overlooked. This happens in life–work gets busy and things start to fall out of our […]

International Test Pilot School of Canada

International Test Pilot School of Canada provides educational, flight test, and consulting services from London International Airport in London, Ontario. They have three levels of flight test courses for future test pilots or for managers and non-operations professionals in that field. You can also find ITPS on facebook–where you’ll see more personal pictures of the day-in […]

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