Statistics and Punctuation — ATOMs #13-10

I found this example of the importance of punctuation: When your punctuation’s off, your meaning can change entirely: The peasant said, “The witch turned me into a newt!” or “The peasant,” said the witch, “turned me into a newt!” Analytical tools are like punctuation. We have to use them properly. __________________________________________________ Previous: How to Learn | […]

Speedbrakes — Airplanes by Design

What’s the difference between airbrake, speedbrake, and spoilers? Speedbrake Airbrakes and speedbrakes are devices that create drag by extension into the airflow around an aircraft, like those devices extended simultaneous with the F-16 afterburner light in this video. The C-17 utilizes both spoilers and airbrakes. In this case, the flaps extend downward and the spoilers […]

I wear a mask and fly

A test pilot’s thoughts for a seven year old. (This post originally appeared on medium.com.) Dear Robby, It’s been all over the news, the crash of a Boeing 777 in San Francisco this week. I didn’t think you noticed. Your older brother asked me several questions about it, but you didn’t. One of your teachers […]

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