about mj2

halfI’m Mark Jones Jr.–thus, “mj2.”  My business card says “husband, father, statistical consultant and experimental test pilot.”

I’m the man behind the pilot mask

This page is about all the things that are important in life: Father, faith, and family.  If you never know anything else about me, I want you to know how passionate I am about these three things. I hope that the rest of my life is evidence that these are not just words on a page.

Someday, this life will end, and when it does, I will stand before my heavenly Father and give an account of the talents He has given me, whether that is mathematical ability, flight test experience, or relationships with others.  When I do, I want to show how I have multiplied what He has entrusted to me and served others by multiplying their leadership, talents, and resources.

Keeping up with my wife and I and our four kids-even keeping a current photo posted–is a full-time job–if you want to try, I do that kind of sharing on facebook. But my technical interests are more easily shared here: @markjonesjr or @FlightTestFact.

I am the editor of the Flight Test News, the flagship publication of the Society of Flight Test Engineers. You can find out more about this and other places I write here: https://www.multiplyleadership.com/writing/.

I am an infrequent contributor to stackexchange.

I am an even more infrequent contributor to github, but I am the lead member of SFTE github.