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Some projects and problems require dedicated teams of professionals with specialized tools to work on them–like information systems or information technology (IT)–whatever catchy phrase your company uses to describe the department of computer geeks or software superstars.

Other projects don’t.  You don’t need a team of dedicated slide-show ninjas. In fact, everyone should have at least a working knowledge of the ubiquitous presentation software, and every concentration of cubicles probably has at least one resident who knows the keyboard shortcuts.

But what about analytics tools, business intelligence, or data mining?

Do you need an entire department of hackers and data experts with bean bag chairs and costly software to run on their supercomputers? You might. Especially if your aircraft engines produce 1 TB of data for every two flights. Or your particular flavor of project might just need a few more MATLAB licenses. But if Mom and Pop’s Produce just wants to understand what Google Analytics is telling them, there’s no need for a degree in statistics.

The truth is, there’s a continuum of strategies that will keep you from drowning in your data. Ultimately, we believe that you can chart a course and navigate uncertainty with decisiveness, that you can equip yourself and your team with the analytical tools needed to transform risk into opportunity. What tools do you need? Who needs the training? We can help you answer that. So whether you think you need to send your executive VP to a Red Flag exercise to learn the tactics of data, or you need your own team of Navy SEALs to gather Business Intelligence, we can help.

Projects and Services

Here is a sample of the projects that I am or have worked on–these cover a variety of aerospace research & development as well as flight test and statistical consulting.

  • Systems Engineering
  • DoD Acquisition Program Support
  • Avionics Market Research and Forecasting
  • Accident Investigation
  • FOQA Strategy, Analysis, and Policy Implementation

Consulting solutions are highly flexible and adaptable, but I team with aerospace and aviation enterprise to equip leaders with analytical tools for effective leadership, problem solving, and decision making.

  • Strategic Planning – chart a course with an intentional destination and measurable waypoints, whether your company vision needs clarification or your project or process needs definite scope.
  • Risk Management – quantify progress with actionable intelligence and equip leaders with tools to execute real-time decision making in the presence of uncertainty.
  • Model Validation – feedback processes and analysis of metrics to assess performance and quality control and empower organizational relationships for continued growth and improvement.
  • Test & Evaluation – design, execution, and analysis of developmental test programs that leverage limited resources for optimal production of decision quality data.

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