ATOMs are Like a Seesaw

Two weeks ago, I promised you a seesaw. Seesaws can be fun.Seesaw

Do you remember studying simple machines in high school–lever, pulley, wedge, inclined plane, screw?¬†A seesaw is a lever. You’ll forget about the simple machines, but I doubt you will forget about a seesaw.

Neither you nor I could lift one of our peers six feet in the air by just lifting them.

But with a seesaw, we can transform the work we do–we can change direction, the amount of force, and the distance–we can’t change the amount of work, but we can change a bunch of other things.

That’s transformation. Levers–seesaws–and the other simple machines transform our work and effort into something more useful.

A dam transforms the flow of water into electricity. A nuclear power plant transforms the destructive power of fission into something useful.

ATOMs (analytical tools of mathematics and statistics) help us transform uncertainty and raw data into something useful, something that will help us chart a course, reach our destination, and perhaps even something that will envision our dreams and paint a picture of the things we want to accomplish.



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