Airplanes by Design – Beechcraft Baron

This is a special edition of Airplanes by Design, brought to you from Hawaii, where the Jones family just got done flying the Beechcraft Baron with Mark Jones (Sr.) as my instructor.  The entire Jones Jr. family came along for the ride.

The Baron is a general aviation aircraft, a light, twin-engine, six-seat plane designed for personal use.  We took off from Honolulu International Airport and cruised east, then up the Windward side to the North Shore where we turned back south toward the airport.

This photo is actually taken over the beach where we are renting cabin.  We are only a few hundred feet from the beach. I can hear the waves and see the ocean from my couch.

The nacelle on top of the wing is a common design. Research done by the National Test Pilot School shows that the nacelles actually produce a significant amount of lift.

The aileron of the aircraft is actually rather far from the wing tip, and the flap extends the chord of the wing several inches beyond the rest of the wing.

And you can see that the vertical stabilizer has a rather large leading edge extension, possibly for ram air ducting, and the elevator has horns for control force reduction.

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