ATOMs = Analytical Tools of Mathematics and Statistics

ATOMs are applied tools for transforming uncertainty and risk into decisive action.

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What is an ATOM?
The post that started it all and answers this question: ATOMs = Applied Tools of Mathematics.

There are three fundamental ATOMs:

1. Picture = 1000 Words

Maps are pictures–they are also an analogy for ATOMs:
3 Places to Use Maps
3 Ways Maps are like Analytical Tools

2. Two wrongs do make one right

More Watermelons – Understanding Assumptions¬†describe this unfamiliar concept, a loophole in the rules of logic. It’s counterintuitive and thus somewhat difficult to grasp, but understanding it can help us avoid many cognitive pitfalls.

3. The Flaw of Averages
This one has undergone some name changes over the years, because I don’t want you to confuse it with a book of the same name.

If you need to dig deeper, check out this curated list of references–analytical tools of math and stats–for engineers.

Transforming Uncertainty – Examples

ATOMs are like a Recipe

Applied Tools – Examples

ATOMs are lot like screwdrivers–you don’t need to know how to engineer them–you do, however, need to apply them.

How closely do you follow a recipe? 4Ps of ATOMs

Making Decisions – Examples

Who goes first?¬†Analytical tools are like dice–they help us make decisions.