heads or tails — ATOMs #15-02

Noise is not the only occurrence of statistical ideas in flight test. In fact, there are fundamentally two distinct situations in which knowledge of applied tools of mathematics and statistics are helpful: coin flipping and noise. Flipping a coin is the first example, and it perfectly embodies a process with a random outcome. Will it […]

above the noise — ATOMs #15-01

Imagine that you are standing in front of a conference room, a clean white board behind you, and there are a hundred people in the audience. It’s break time. Everyone is milling about. Old friends are reuniting. Virtual acquaintances become friends as they meet face-to-face for the first time. It just so happens that from […]

Index of 2014 ATOMs

14-01 Statistics or Probability 14-02 Aviation and Flight Test Examples of Probability 14-03 Probability in Flutter Flight Test 14-04 A Definition of Statistics 14-05 Breaking Down Statistics 14-06 How many people have green eyes? 14-07 Things We Cannot Measure 14-08 The Riddle of the Waiter Making Change 14-09 The Value of Data 14-10 3 Kinds of Data Users 14-11 Application is Hard 14-12 An Example of Application […]

Index of First Flights — December

Feedback needed: Should I clean up the format? Should I hyperlink or just leave it as plain text? What else do you like or not like about the layout? Send a tweet to @FlightTestFact with your thoughts. What is your favorite airplane and when was its first flight? Send a tweet to @FlightTestFact to see it featured.  Search #flighttest […]

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