facing your fear — observations #52

Note: I’ve started collecting some stories for my daughter about the things that are worth fighting for, and this is an excerpt of one. For similar stories, start here. Most of the stories I’ve told you about what’s worth fighting for have been good ones. But there are others, stories stained with doubt, wet with tears, and […]

what is workload — FTT #15

This column features a brief description, photo or video, and/or reference that talks about a Flight Test Technique that students at USAF Test Pilot School are currently learning. It’s an alphabetical list of FTTs together with a chronological account of what future test pilots and flight test engineers are doing right now. It will complement […]

the first two years — observations #51

Sometimes we have so much to learn, that we must spend the first two years organizing and planning how we will navigate through the material, as seen in this quote from scientists following the Apollo expeditions. From The Apollo Spacecraft – a Chronology: The Lunar Science Institute’s summer study on post-Apollo lunar science arrived at […]

ATOMs = Applied Tools of Mathematics

YOU need to know what an ATOM is. Time = money.Ah, I think that cute little equation caught the eye of a few of you who would rather avoid ugly words like mathematics. Keep reading.Are you a pilot? Or leader? Do you engage in business? Then you need to know too.Perhaps several terms combine to […]

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